David S. Anderson – Director of Clinical Services

David S. Anderson is High Plains Mental Health Center’s Director of Clinical Services and has been with the Center for 29 years. He earned his BA in Psychology from Southwestern College and his MS in Clinical Psychology from Fort Hays State University, and High Plains Mental Health Center was his first employer after he completed his masters.
David began working at High Plains Mental Health Center as an Emergency Therapist before transferring into Outpatient services. He developed and coordinated the Domestic Violence program before eventually managing the Outpatient Department, becoming the Assistant Clinical Director, and ultimately becoming the Director of Clinical Services.
Besides finding his career at High Plains, David also met his wife, Charlene, who is also an employee of High Plains Mental Health Center. As he recalls, “I did not see myself originally staying at HPMHC very long. I was planning to follow a friend to a Psy.D Program in Louisville, KY when I met Charlene. The rest, as they say, is history. Ultimately, I stayed at HPMHC because of the people I was working with. They were, and are, the hardest working, most dedicated and compassionate people I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. HPMHC has given me the opportunity to grow within my profession and take on new challenges. I appreciate greatly that HPMHC as an organization is always striving to find ways to do what we do in a more effective and efficient manner. Now, it would be hard for me to see myself anywhere else.”